Made of polycarbonate and methacrylate and coextruded in a wide range of sizes. Essential component for both decorative and industrial tubular luminaires in different diffusion finishes and colours. Ideal for waterproof luminaires and beacons. Polinter, S.A. expands its product range with curved rigid tubes in PC, Polycarbonate and methacrylate.

The design and application options of tubular luminaires for decoration are significantly increased. Its design process, exclusive to our company, offers the customer a range of different tube diameters and curvature with various finishes and colours.

  • For architectural and ornamental designs, for toilets, strips, electrified rails in PC-Polycarbonate, PMMA-Methacrylate, PS-Polystyrene and ABS in transparent, rough, diffuser, frosted, colored or satin finishes.
  • Transparent tubes have great applications in lighting. They are produced with decorative elements, in various colors, such as beacons for fluorescence and for new applications such as algae cultures. In Methacrylate and Polycarbonate and many diameters.
Plastic profiles Polinter S.A. Tubes and curved tubes for lighting.

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Polinter has an extensive range of lighting products. Our production focuses on diffusers, tubes, LED profiles and all kinds of custom-made plastic products according to customer specifications, to complete any type of lighting installation, always customizing the design and with the best technical features.