We have a wide range of solutions for commercial furniture, recessed luminaires, light paths, linear luminaires, bathroom lighting, partition lighting, furniture luminaires and surface luminaires and decorative lighting. Polinter manufactures polycarbonate and methacrylate LED diffusers in various colors for correct diffusion of the light point.

We offer our customers the complete set that forms the LED profile. The diffuser and the aluminum profile that is both support and cooling element, as well as its terminals and fixing clip.

  • Production in PC Polycarbonate, PMMA Methacrylate, PS Polystyrene and ABS in transparent, satin, ice-rough and colored finishes.
  • For use outdoors, indoors, industry, waterproof luminaires, residential lighting and surface luminaires.

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Polinter has an extensive range of lighting products. Our production focuses on diffusers, tubes, LED profiles and all kinds of custom-made plastic products according to customer specifications, to complete any type of lighting installation, always customizing the design and with the best technical features.