The furniture and decoration sector requires products in a multitude of finishes and materials. From quality wood finishes, through metallic or transparent colors, to profiles, mouldings or tubes with gloss or matt chrome finishes.

In furniture and decoration, Polinter offers solutions for: fittings, baseboards, display furniture, kit furniture, prefabricated sheds, mirror manufacturing, DIY elements, decorative fillets for doors and electrical ducts.

  • The use of materials is very wide with PVC, PS, ABS, PC, PC+ABS, etc. All the technologies used by Polinter have application in the furniture and decoration sector: decorated profiles, chrome, WPC wood finishes and technical materials.
  • Special and decorated finishes are applied to decorative moldings or special details with their own patents such as Novocrom (metal-coated profiles), Steelcrom (metal sheet-covered profiles), Decoform (imitation wood/aluminium/lacquered profiles) and Fabricform (fabric-covered profiles).

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Polinter offers its customers a wide variety of profiles and solutions for the furniture and decoration sector, developing an extensive catalog of available solutions that adapt to the different styles and types of furniture that require solutions in the form of extruded profiles and tubes.