Sanitary plastic profiles

The construction of cold chambers for all types of facilities demands for the use of different extruded plastic profiles and several types of frames for sanitary panels.

– Aimed at the food industry, sanitary facilities, hospitals and cold chambers
– Their aim is to keep facilities clean and to protect insulation elements
– Polinter offers a wide variety of sanitary plastic profiles for this sector, as well as some components for their assembly

Polinter, S.A. Sanitary plastic profiles.
Polinter, S.A. Sanitary plastic profiles.
Perfil sanitario PVC con piezas de terminación Ref 3097. Perfiles plásticos Polinter, S.A.
Polinter, S.A. Sanitary plastic profiles.
Polinter, S.A. Sanitary plastic profiles.
Polinter, S.A. Sanitary plastic profiles.

Our proposal

The concave side of the profile is made of PVC, free of heavy materials, with a high resistance against impacts at low temperatures, which are usual inside the chambers. The manufacturing process does also include stabilisation by means of UV-rays to guarantee the durability of its appearance and the functionality.

In sanitary facilities, the profiles and frames made by Polinter fulfil also a hygienic task, facilitating cleaning and care. The frames can be made with or without flexible lips to achieve a perfect fitting on the relief of the insulating panel. The fixing pieces that keep profiles and frames fixed to the panels are also provided by Polinter, both made of plastic (PVC) and aluminium.

Polinter’s solutions catalogue includes all of these profiles and frames, as well as the linking and fixing pieces. Custom-made designs are manufactured in specific cases for each project.

The sanitary profiles are used in a wide range of facilities, both in the industry, the food sector and hospitals. We adapt our designs to the needs of every customer, as the mounting of each profile sometimes demands for different types of supports and corner frames to get a perfect fitting with the help of skirting boards.

The main purpose of these profiles is to guarantee for cleanness, insulation and to prevent changes in temperature. In certain facilities, the fixing bases made of aluminium contribute to the improvement of safety and to the stability of the structure.

The variety of products and profiles is large: wall angles and frames, skirting boards and frames for floors, channels and profiles with or without flexible lips, all of which undergo strict quality controls to fulfil sanitary regulations both in the food industry and in sanitary or hospital facilities.