Plastic profiles for furniture and interior design

Based on customer needs, we have developed a comprehensive catalogue of readily-available solutions that adapt to the different furniture styles requiring the application of extruded profiles and tubes. We can also develop custom-made solutions using a long list of materials, including PVC, PS, ABS, PC, PC+ABS, etc.

– All technologies used Polinter have application in the field of furniture and decoration
– We have an extensive catalog of solutions different types and styles of furniture
– Special finishes and decorative moldings own patents

Our offer in furniture and interior design

Polinter offers customers an extensive variety of profiles and solutions for the furniture and interior design sectors.

These sectors require products made with a wide range of finishes and materials, from high quality woodgrain to metallic or transparent colours and shiny or mat finished chrome profiles or tubes.

Our market presence and offer has steadily grown to satisfy the needs of industries that apply our products in an increasingly wide variety of finishes.

In furniture and interior design, we have solutions for herrajes, skirting boards, display units, flat-pack furniture, pre-fabricated stands, mirrors, DIY elements, decorative door mouldings and electric ducts.

All of the technologies we implement can be applied in the furniture and interior design sectors to manufacture decorative and chrome finished profiles, WPC and technical materials.

Special or decorative finishes can be applied to ornamental mouldings or specific details, excluding structural or functional elements such as flashing joints. Our own patented products are widely used in these sectors, including our “Decoform” and “Novocrom” finishes.

Should a required solution not be found in our extensive catalogue, we will work on a comprehensive development project to satisfy the application requirements.

The project development includes collaboration from our design teams to select the best materials, assess the proposed design to guarantee optimum performance, choose suitable tools and prepare prototypes with the required colours and finishes prior to making production runs in the stipulated quantities.