Our diffusers give a quality guarantee to the final product of any manufacturer. We offer a perfect finish for a wide range of lighting solutions with which to improve the original quality of a product.

With applications in linear, architectural, commercial, industrial, decorative and waterproof lighting. With a high transmittance, we adjust the diffusion capacity to each client’s luminaire project to achieve the best combination between them.

  • The different set of diffusion rates allow us to adjust to the needs of each luminaire, thus striking the balance between efficiency and visual comfort.
  • Finishes mats, brights, diffusers, colors, Night&Day, to create the ambient design.
  • Availability in fireproof materials or to comply with any regulations.

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Polinter has a wide range of products for lighting. Our production focuses on diffusers, tubes, LED profiles and all types of plastic products according to the client’s specifications, to complete any type of lighting installation, always personalizing the design and the best technical performance.