Coextrusion of different reflective materials that improve the performance of the coextruded luminaire. In different colors for various finishes. Opaque shades serve as a reflector and to hide electrical mechanisms.

The flexible parts allow to improve the IP degree and facilitate winding possibilities. The special finishes allow to improve the aesthetics of the luminaire as a whole and control the light output.

  • Combination of transparent areas with diffuser areas to improve the properties of the diffuser. With Softlight the adaptability to curved structures is guaranteed.
  • The range also offers the combination of two rigid materials. Normally one opaque and one translucent. Also a part can be flexible to improve sealing or fit in other parts.

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Polinter has an extensive range of lighting products. Our production focuses on diffusers, tubes, LED profiles and all kinds of custom-made plastic products according to customer specifications, to complete any type of lighting installation, always customizing the design and with the best technical features.