Ready for the circular economy 

At Polinter, S.A, we are ready to serve all customers who want a more sustainable product that meets the main objectives of the circular economy, the strategy to reduce both the consumption of raw materials and the production of waste. 

Our production process allows us to offer, according to the client’s needs, profiles that can include recycled materials in different percentages while preserving their technical properties. 

Its manufacture also allows an optimization of the amount of raw material used, which affects less waste, and an effective management of this material both from its own and from external suppliers. 

The interest of Polinter, S.A. in these processes led him to participate in the ULTRAVISC (Sensor-based ultrasonic viscosity control for the extrusion of recycled plastics) project of the European Union, aimed at creating control and monitoring technology to ensure that manufacturers have reliable systems when it comes to use plastic waste to make other products. 

For more information, contact us through the form in the right column of this page so that the commercial and technical team of Polinter, S.A. find and apply the best solution for your project. 

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