Profiles and curved tubes and sustainability, points of interest of Polinter, S.A. in light+building 2022

The presence of the company at the most important lighting fair in Europe has been very satisfactory thanks to the interest shown by the visitors in the range of products and in two special ways.

First, to the offer of profiles and curved tubes. They have a wide application to circular lighting and light paths, since the different colors and types of connection allow coupling straight profiles of various shapes.

There is also the possibility of inserting fully functional microprisms into these profiles to reduce the UGR index (Unified Glare Rating), which expresses the enlightment subjected to the human eye caused by a light source. A low UGR value guarantees less visual fatigue.

Sustainability has been another of Polinter’s standout arguments for light+building. Presenting a wide variety of recyclable materials in different proportions with preservatives and technical properties.

I also Bio-based materials, which do not come from petroleum but from agriculture, all ore of packaging or chemical industry that after a polymerization process achieve similar properties to those of polycarbonate.