Polinter news in Light + Building 2024

At the 2024 edition of light+building, the most important lighting fair in Europe, Polinter presents curved profiles, optical profiles with microprisms, electrified profiles and an optimization of solutions for products with recycled material.

For the lighting market, various types of curved profiles that are applied to circular luminaires or different shapes depending on the client’s needs.

At its stand, the company presents optical profiles to control the direction of light and their corresponding profiles with microprisms in different designs. All this, to obtain a good UGR index (Unified Glare Rating) or also known as the Unified Glare Index, which expresses the glare subjected to the human eye caused by a light source. A low UGR value guarantees less visual fatigue, which is especially important in luminaires installed in offices.

Also, new solutions for electrified profiles and in the sustainability part, with the use of recycled and more ecological materials that allow a more effective circular economy cycle for our products.