Optics and microprisms for industrial buildings and offices

Optics and microprisms in plastic profiles for industrial buildings and offices - Polinter, S.A.

Our range of plastic profiles for lighting presents different optics options adapted to high-bay luminaires, commonly used in large-volume industrial buildings.

Usually, these types of optics have an aperture of 120 degrees, but Polinter, S.A. It also offers 30, 60 and 90 degree options that, depending on the size of the space, allow the light beam to be optimally adjusted for correct illumination, with greater or lesser concentration at a specific point.

The needs and demands are different for smaller offices and commercial premises. Our micro-prism diffusers aim to achieve maximum visual comfort and less fatigue by preventing the light from the LEDs from dazzling. All this in accordance with the mandatory compliance with the European standard UGR <19.

To adapt our proposal to the needs of each project, the commercial and technical team of Polinter, S.A. develops the solution that adapts to each project. Contact us through our form in the right column of this page.