Plastic profiles and tubes for lighting and LED

Polinter Plastics is an established name in Europe for the supply of PMMA , PC , PC V0 extruded diffuser profiles since the past 30 years.

Polinter produces a huge range of high quality diffuser profiles and co-extruded profiles for the lighting industry, merchandising industry, furniture industry, glass industry and other sectors.

Polinter is present in India, more actively now, for the past 4 years through their exclusive agent and distributor: S. B. SALES CORPORATION

We have already done some profiles for the Indian lighting industry and are developing newer profiles for the Indian lighting industry on a continuous basis and we are totally committed to the Indian lighting industry.

In close co-ordination with our agent S. B. Sales Corporation , to develop high quality and competitively priced profiles for the Indian market.

We look forward to working with all of the reputed luminaire manufacturers in India and we can assure you of timely service , complete attention and close co-operation for your project bespoke developments as well as supply of diffuser profiles from our huge range of readily available standard profiles for which we already have the toolings.

Polinter offers a wide range of lighting products. Our production focuses on diffusers, tubes, LED profiles and all kinds of custom-made plastic products produced according to the customer’s specifications in order to fit in any type of lighting system, always customising the design and with the best technical features.

– Diffusers, tubes, LED profiles and custom-made products
– We produce in a large variety of materials, such as PC, PMMA, BLENDS, ABS and PS, with different finishes
– Transparent tubes for the use in lighting, display and agriculture applications

Perfiles plásticos Polinter. Difusor policarbonato estriado.
Perfiles plásticos Polinter. Difusor prismático transparente.
Perfiles plásticos Polinter. Perfil de iluminación para gasolineras.

Our offer in lighting and LED

Difusers Tubes LED Designs
Dimensions Big variety Different sizes up to 150 mm. diameter Multiple solutions According to customer specifications
Materials PC Polycarbonate – PMMA Methacrylate – PS Polystyrene PC Polycarbonate – PMMA Methacrylate – PS Polystyrene PC Polycarbonate – PMMA Methacrylate – PS Polystyrene – ABS PC Polycarbonate – PMMA Methacrylate – PS Polystyrene – ABS – Others
Finish Transparent Satin Ice – Rough Colour
Applications Exterior – Interior – Industrial – Holding lights – Residential lighting – Surface lighting Decorative – Colours – Bicolored – Markers for fluorescence – Fluorescence lights- Supports Commercial furniture – Lighting to fit – Bathroom lighting – Screens lighting – Furniture lighting – Surface lighting Architectural – Ornamentals – Bathroom lighting – Strip lighting – Electrified lane – Other specifications

We develop all kinds of geometries and materials following the current market trends that demand for ageing resistance, a high level of transparency and noble finishes, in order to provide the final product with an added value.

Regarding LED profiles, we have a wide range of solutions for display units, recessed lighting, path lighting, linear lighting, bathroom lighting, partition lighting, furniture lighting, surface mounted lighting and decorative lighting. Polinter manufactures the LED diffusers in several colours and in polycarbonate and methacrylate for a correct diffusion of the light spot.

We offer our customers the complete set that makes up the LED profile. The LED diffuser and the aluminium LED profiles that act at the same time as support and cooling element, as well as the terminals and the fastening clip.

Wide variety of designs and materials

Polinter produces diffusers, LED profiles and transparent tubes with architectural and ornamental designs, for bathroom lighting, strip lighting, electric tracks, made of PC-polycarbonate, PMMA-methacrylate, Polystyrene-PS and ABS with a transparent, textured, diffusing, frosted, coloured or satin finish.

The transparent tubes are widely used in lighting applications. They are produced with decorative elements, in different colours, as fluorescent beacons and for new applications such as seaweed cultivation. In methacrylate and polycarbonate and several different diameters. And following customers’ specifications.